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Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership and SRC Standard 8

Failure the path to success…

As Paul Tough says in his text, How Children Succeed:

“Character is created by encountering and overcoming failure”.

Do we allow enough time between one high-stakes/ high pressure assessment and the next for failure to be experienced? Do we allow students enough latitude – enough responsibility – to try and, as a result of their own efforts, to fail? Is there enough time after trying and failing to allow the kind of reflective dialogue and analysis to learn from it?

If only the answer were yes – but the very structure of schooling and assessment makes it nigh on impossible to do so.


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Diigo as a classroom collaboration tool

I’ve just started using Diigo with my Year 12 English students. They’re doing some background research into the novel 1984 and I wanted them:

  • to keep track of web pages that were relevant
  • to record the bits of those pages that were particularly relevant
  • to share what they find and
  • to be able to search through their collaborative efforts to pinpoint particular ideas – ‘totalitarianism’, or ‘propaganda’, for example.

So we all created Diigo accounts and I created a group to which they were all added. I then reminded them of effective web searching strategies (using the resources that Google provide – useful!) Before they set off on their individual contributions to the collective list.

With only a simple demonstration, they were highlighting, adding sticky notes, tagging pages, and sharing with the group. Easy! To go a step further, we have added the RSS feed to the year group’s Moodle course so that our updated resource can be shared with their wider cohort.